A Time Of Chaos

A Time of ChaosChaos rocks the nation’s capital on Inauguration Day. Assassination propels a young Vice President into the highest office in the land. Cascading attacks by an unknown enemy have the nation poised for war. Is any secret safe within the White House? 2000px-5_stars_svg

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The Life Of Colin Phelps

CB100680A sweeping historical novel tracing a boy’s journey into manhood. Set against the backdrop of poverty in 1855 London to America where Colin is shaped by forces leading up to and including the Civil War. Slavery, shipwrecks, treachery, murder, and enduring love. A book to be savored and enjoyed. 2000px-5_stars_svg

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A Time of Lies: North Korean Style


A novel of romance and adventure. A love affair is shattered when a Naval Intelligence Officer finds himself in North Korea.

“Consequences? Will America launch an attack against the invincible Korean military, for a traitor? Will they risk that against one million Korean soldiers? I think not. You are here for life. You must decide how long that life will be.”   Image result for 4.7 star rating graphic

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Captivating Storyteller and Author

I hope you enjoy my books and that they help you escape to other places and other times.

For those of you who are writers, I hope to post blogs that encourage you and spark your creative energies.