A Time of Ever After


America’s most feared terrorist is locked inside Colorado’s Supermax prison. But, it’s hard to keep a bad man down. A new time of chaos begins.  Is Commander Brian McCarty up to the challenge? If so, at what cost? Who will suffer the heaviest consequences?

The 3rd novel in my “A Time of …” series.2000px-5_stars_svg

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2000px-5_stars_svg Kevin Kelley nailed it again with his fourth novel. I was intrigued from page one and stayed that way right through the end. I was sorry when it came to an end. Kevin continues to be very creative in his storytelling. New twists and turns with each page. Michael Sinclair’s character was spot on as the evil nemesis and I was kept guessing until the very end. The whole “Time of “ series would make a fabulous movie.

A Time Of Chaos

A Time of Chaos

Chaos rocks the nation’s capital on Inauguration Day. Assassination propels a young Vice President into the highest office in the land. Cascading attacks by an unknown enemy have the nation poised for war.  Is any secret safe within the White House? Is the new President up to the challenge, or is he complicit?” Read more…

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2000px-5_stars_svg A Time of Chaos is packed with enough action and intrigue to keep you up all night reading and praying that the events described remain purely fictional. Written with crisp, cinematic detail and fast-paced plot developments, the movie that Kevin Kelley creates in the mind of the reader would play well on the big screen at the cineplex. For readers familiar with Kevin Kelley’s first novel, A Time of Lies, it is additionally gratifying to meet up again with Naval Lieutenant Christopher McCarty after his harrowing escape from North Korea and to find him in the thick of things battling to save American democracy in the nation’s capital.

A Time of Lies: North Korean Style

ATimeof LiesFrontA novel of romance and adventure. A love affair is shattered when a Naval Intelligence Officer finds himself in North Korea.

“Consequences? Will America launch an attack against the invincible Korean military, for a traitor? Will they risk that against one million Korean soldiers? I think not. You are here for life. You must decide how long that life will be.”  Read more…

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2000px-5_stars_svg WOW!!! This is a GREAT book! 
I wasn’t sure what to expect when I started this book, but it kept pulling me in. I started caring for the characters pretty quickly, and was totally engrossed with what they did, and what was done to them. The tension kept growing to point that I couldn’t put it down. It’s very clever, and surprising. I also learned a lot about life in North Korea, which is helpful these days. Buy the book, you’ll enjoy it.

2000px-5_stars_svg Can’t get over how much I liked this book     

I literally had a dream that I was involved in the story the night I finished it. I guess that sort of sums up my impressions — very favorable! The story kept my interest and I wanted to keep reading each night. (It took me about 5 nights and I usually read for an hour or less.) Also, I liked the writing. Very descriptive and I felt like I was there with the characters. I’ve read lots of Jack Reacher books and this sort of reminds me of that style of book. All in all I loved it. This was recommended by a friend in Boulder and I’m really grateful.

2000px-5_stars_svgKEVIN KELLEY’S first book is a page-turner. It’s just loaded with anticipation and suspense. Christopher McCarty’s life experiences are so well described that the reader feels compelled to find out what happens next… throughout the entire story. The author’s descriptions of places and situations are true to life, taking the reader to believe that he must be there too, following Chris wherever he travels. I can hardly wait to see Kevin’s next book.”

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The Life of Colin Phelps

CB100680A sweeping historical novel tracing a boy’s journey into manhood. Set against the backdrop of poverty in 1855 London to America where Colin is shaped by forces leading up to and including the Civil War. Slavery, shipwrecks, treachery, murder, and enduring love. A book to be savored and enjoyed.  Read more…

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I have to admit, I don’t finish many fiction books. But Colin Phelps as a character grabbed my heart and I was cheering for him at every obstacle. I really enjoyed the historical information that was added, and I felt like I was transported to 19th century London, Boston and more.
2000px-5_stars_svg Excellent!  August 5, 2019
really liked this book! I liked the pace and the descriptions, the short chapters, the characters, the arc of the story. And, I especially liked the fact that I learned something! … It truly is a wonderful book and I highly recommend it. (I liked it so much that I am buying five copies to give to friends.) The real bonus is revealed at the end of the book — all proceeds from the sale are going to charity…
This is an amazing story of fiction, yet it could be a true story for anyone who immigrated to America during the Civil War. Follow the early life of Colin Phelps in London as he attends St. Anne’s school as an orphan, and later his life in America. I really enjoyed this story and the many characters who worked together for a better life.
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