A Time Of Chaos

After speaking, the new President and her husband exchanged tense pleasantries and said their goodbyes before the former President and First Lady boarded a helicopter for their home sate. Finally, the new President and First Man took their place in the presidential limousine, all smiles, for the slow parade to the White House.

A Tall man wearning a blue baseball cap tight down on his forehead, his face mostly covered by a Burberry scarf, stood at the front of the crowd just west of the FBI Building on Pennsylvania Avenue. As the motorcade approached, he slipped the glove off his right hand and reached into the pocket of his dark grey overcoat. He fingered a small plastic box and felt along its edge for the metal switch, drew a deep breath, counted slowly, and nudged the switch into position.

On a rooftop a few blocks away, a tiny green light blinked on the underside of a drone. A metal plate slid away from what appeared to be a rooftop air conditioning unit, and the craft’s engine sprang to life. The drone rolled out from under its cover, taxied the length of the flat tin roof, and lifted into flight.

It was over the parade route in less than twelve seconds, immediately acquiring the presidential limousine. A single missile flew from its underside. The limo exploded violently, bounced off the pavement, and burst into flames. Total destruction with no chance for survival.

Screams were followed by stunned silence as the crowd stood in disbelief a moment before stampeding in all directions.

Seconds later, the drone self-destructed over the Potomac River.

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